Ready to book your Vegas Vacation? READ THIS FIRST!

If you are reading this blog, then you are probably planning on booking a trip to Las Vegas, NV. We have a few tips that we learned from our numerous trips to Las Vegas. Check out our thoughts before booking your next Vegas vacation. Please don’t consider this to be a complete guide. We are Vegas vacationers just like you, but we want you to be able to get insight on from real people.


The very first thing that you need to do when booking a Vegas Vacation is to decide on a budget. I have planned over 60 trips to Vegas and I can tell you that prices can vary drastically depending on what you are looking to get out of your trip. Las Vegas has some of the most luxurious hotels, restaurants, and entertainment in the U.S. so the prices and skyrocket if you don’t set your limits. The great thing about planning a trip to Vegas is that it can be affordable for any budget if you plan right.

My Vegas Vacation Tip: You don’t want to forget to consider how much you are going to want to spend while you are in Las Vegas. Just something to consider before booking upgrading that suite or deciding to stay a few extra days. We usually budget more money to spend in Las Vegas than booking the initial vacation since we like to splurge while we are on vacation.

What’s Happening in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is known as a tourist city and it hosts many events and conventions throughout the year. Over 43 million people visited Las Vegas in 2016. The city strives on maximizing profit by capitalizing on anything that creates a higher demand. This means that flights, hotels, drinks, and pretty much anything else can vary in price depending on what is happening in Las Vegas during you stay. Vegas is a great weekend getaway and prices are usually the highest on Friday and Saturday nights.

My Vegas Vacation Tip:  If you are looking to save some money, we suggest that you avoid visiting Las Vegas during some of these peak times:

  • Major Sporting Events – boxing, UFC fights, Super Bowl, March Madness, etc.… These events always draw crowds and are a big hit if you are in to sports betting.
  • Major Holidays – Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving weekend, and Christmas through New Year’s Day.
  • Major Conventions – this probably isn’t a deal breaker, but don’t be surprised to see of crowd of people with lanyards piling through your casino during major conventions. Las Vegas has an abundance of hotel rooms and hosts many major conferences.
  • Major Festivals and Awards Shows – Las Vegas is host to many awards shows like the Billboard Music Awards and festivals like the iHeartRadio Music Festival draw large crowds causing hotel prices to peak

What months to visit?

Is there ever a bad time to go to Las Vegas? Not really, but the time of year may determine what you are going to do on your well-deserved getaway. With over 43 million visitors a year and temperatures ranging from 30°F in the cold winter to a blistering 100°F+ in the summer, you might want to stop and think about the time of year when you are booking. We have broken the year in seasons and listed some of the things you might experience.

Spring months (March to May) : the temperatures are usually very comfortable this time of year. Early spring can be a little chilly and you better be prepared for that cold water if you plan on hitting the pool early.

Summer months (June to August) : these are the hottest months of the year and you can enjoy plenty of time by the pool, but be prepared to bring your sunblock and drink plenty of water. These months are usually the most popular for family vacations and it can get crowded at times.

Fall months (September to November): The fall months can be a great time to visit as the summer months close and school is back is session. The temperatures also start to cool down making it a great time to enjoy a lunch outside with a nice view of the strip.

Winter months (December to February) : Believe it or not, it can be cold during the winter months so don’t plan on any pool parties this time of year. It is also important to pack accordingly. Ladies you will want a long warm coat to cover those party dresses!

My Vegas Vacation Tip: Our favorite time of the year to visit Las Vegas is either March to early May or September to early November. June to August is just too damn hot to be in the desert and these are the busiest months of the year. The weather between late November and early March can be chilly with temperatures ranging from the 60s down to the low 30s. Once we went it January and it was below freezing so don’t expect to be spending any time by the pool during these months.

How to choose a flight?

Las Vegas is a major vacation destination and you can book flights from pretty much any airport. We personally like flying here, because we can get direct flights and spend more time enjoying our trip than being stuck in an airport. If you fly very often, then you know that flight prices vary depending on the day of the week and the demand for flights. Some hotels and travel sites offer discounts when you book a hotel and flight at the same time, but we usually check booking both ways to make sure we get the best deal. You should also consider what time your flights arrive and depart. When have tried all sorts of methods and used many different airlines. If you book a flight that arrives early, you might not be able to check in to your room. In this case you can check your bags at the bell desk and begin your vacation. Another scenario is book a flight that leaves early on your departure date can be a headache, and I mean that literally. Just imagine it is your last night in “Sin City” and you want to stay out all night, then your flight is set to leave at 6am the next morning. It only took one trip to make me realize that the early departure was not for us.

My Vegas Vacation Tip: If you are looking to save on flights, you might try flying out on a weekday and avoid flying home on Sundays. Vegas is a weekend hotspot on the weekends and the airlines usually charge higher prices on these days.

Where should I stay?

Have you ever heard the song verse “I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more”? Well that’s how Vegas can feel if you aren’t careful. We found that out the hard way on our very first trip. The resorts in Las Vegas are gigantic and they appear closer than they are, so whatever you are planning may impact where you want to stay. Our first few trips had us running all over the strip and we paid the price for walking. The good news is that transportation is readily available anywhere on the strip.

My Vegas Vacation Tip: We almost always stay on the Las Vegas strip. We have only stayed downtown once, but we found that we enjoy staying on the strip. If you want to see downtown and the famous Fremont Experience, we suggest you catch a ride there for a day to check it out. You can grab a taxi, Uber, or try out the Las Vegas Deuce which is a double-decker bus with routes to downtown 24 hours a day.

What Hotel Resort to choose?

Most of the hotels on the strip weren’t there 20 years ago. Vegas has turned into a luxury destination with megaresorts where you can get anything that you want if you are willing to pay the price. Yes, they really do have villas that cost thousands of dollars a night like the “Wolfpack” booked in the movie The Hangover and no, the real Julius Caesar did not live at Caesars Palace.

When you are booking your room, you want to consider how much time you are going to be in your room. Sometimes we plan on being gone most of the time and decide to spend less on a room. Other times we want to relax more and we will upgrade to a nicer room or resort. Either way I have found that I can usually get a room in Vegas for less than I can in my home city and the rooms are much nicer. There is a wide range of different resorts in Las Vegas and you want to find the one that is right for your vacation.

My Vegas Vacation Tips: If you are planning on visiting with children, then you may want to take the hotel in consideration. Place like Excalibur and Circus are designed to capture the “family” vacation, but they are not your luxury resorts by any means. Higher end resorts usually don’t have “food courts” which may come in handy if you are looking for a menu that has chicken nuggets on the menu.

So now are you ready to book your Vegas Vacation?

Well I am sure that we could go on and on telling you about our booking experiences, but I know you are ready to get your trip booked and ready to go. We hope that our experiences help you plan your trip! -J&K

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